Consultants, Innovators, Entrepreneurs… Self Appointed Arseholes

 There’s a place for consultants. Those people who have been there, done it, bought the t shirt. Their advice and insight is invaluable. The best way to learn anything is through the experience of actually doing something so if someone is willing to pass on their knowledge to help this next person progress, then that’s fantastic. If you are lucky enough to do well then it is your duty to send the elevator back down. 

Innovators too, shape the world around us. True innovators. People that facilitate the breakthrough in curing a disease. People who design the next every day gadget that makes our lives that little bit easier. People that change what we perceive to be the norm. Fantastic people, I salute them.

Entrepreneurs create jobs. They take chances and risks that others can’t or won’t and create opportunities for employment for other people. They are the backbone of our economy and they have my utmost respect.

So why are they arseholes? Well, in short, they aren’t. Not the genuine ones anyway. The arseholes are the people who display the medal, but never went into the battle to achieve it. They clutch at the title, but have no discernible skill.

It falls under the umbrella of the popular “fake it to make it” saying. There’s certainly a use for that saying, but like anything else it has its limits. 

There are too many people out there using the titles, regurgitating the key buzz words and pretending to be experts in their field. Ordinarily it wouldn’t bother me, I would be happy to let them continue their charade and move on with my life, but the fact is they hinder progress. 

They spend their lives having meetings for the sake of having meetings. They say something against the establishment for the sake of being anti-establishment. Not because they have any superior knowledge. More likely because they have some inferiority complex, but I’m no psychologist.

I hate people who self promote when there is nothing to promote except the self promotion itself. It’s a vicious cycle that can be see everyday in the world of social media.

My gripe with these people is that unfortunately you have to meet them to establish that they are in fact frauds. 

I don’t see a way around this though, and this blog doesn’t do anything to help solve the problems I’ve identified. Oh fuck, I’ve become everything that I hate.


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