Look into my eyes, don’t look around the eyes…


I think I’ve wrote about this sort of thing before, but since I’m writing this with a different motivation, I’m not going to check but I’m going to continue writing and see if I magically repeat myself…

When did people stop getting rewarded for doing actual things? Now it seems you can be rewarded for turning up. If I take 5 minutes to look at LinkedIn, there’ll be no end of award ceremonies and people that don’t really know each other patting each other on the back just in case one day that person does become successful at something so that they can cling on to their coat tails.

I see it consistently on LinkedIn, peoples job titles changing from chief of this to champion of that but what does it all mean? I’m certain I’ve had a rant about “entrepreneurs” before, but seriously, how long can someone lay claim to running a successful business before someone says “erm…a real business has an output, what’s yours?” How many ego stroking “business news” stories must I read in the local paper about someone’s desire to take their business global. Its such a repetitive chain of self obsessed, self promoting people that its sickening to look at.

I’m not sure if its the same in every city, but in this city, if people put the same amount of effort into making things happen as they do to putting another feather in their cap, then we truly would have a global city. A city where global businesses want to come and explore new opportunities.

Instead, I see people giving lectures on starting a business when their only experience is one failed, fundamentally flawed business. I see people giving lectures on Intellectual Property, when their only attempt at a business was to rip another one off. On a side note, I find it hilarious how popular the term “IP” has become. Its like one of the must have buzzwords for people pretending to be important. I’m sure IP lawyers rub their hands with glee at the prospect of all these armchair experts on the loose.

I see articles with supposed role models headhunted. Its like people are afraid to call these impostors out. They hypnotise their surroundings, making people believe their reality without substance. Don’t look around the eyes, you’ll see there’s very little substance.

Living in social media is fine if it makes you happy. Pretending you have a global business is a wonderful game of make believe to play with yourself, and if you can get people around you to fall for your empty proclamations then more fool them. But when they are idolised, and set as the inspiration for the next generation then what are we actually raising? Another generation of people who don’t quite get anything done? Its hard enough as it is to find people who like to solve problems but if we’re inspiring the next generation by holding up those just ahead of them as pioneers despite achieving very little then we are walking down a very dark, stagnant path.

Its the medal for participation movement. Everyone should get a medal? No they shouldn’t. The best people should get a medal for doing the best things. Simple. If we reward people for doing nothing then what will they continue to do? I’m sure Pavlov explained this quite definitively.

Liverpool has a history of entrepreneurship. It has a history of enterprise. Businesses started on the docks, creating international trade links. Truly global businesses.

Its funny, how a city where ships played a central role in bringing back its wealth is now a city full of empty vessels making an awful lot of noise, and little else. I say funny, I mean sickening.



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